Support Services.

Energy Engineering can provide a range of direct or indirect services to our customers whether supplied singular or in a multiple format, this will allow true dovetailing with our client’s needs and budgets. Our clients simply provide a shopping list of their requirements and Energy Engineering has the flexibility to fit this jigsaw. Energy Engineering has the ability and competence to support any scale and type of project and can supply designs and services from the initial concept through to post construction.

In Addition, these capabilities extend throughout the lifecycle of a building of portfolio delivering service in other vital areas such as building performance, maintenance and end of life appraisals. Using EE’s building blocks approach to services, clients can call on individual or several support activities as and when required, in the full knowledge they will receive a rapid response with a firm cost.

  • Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health services to support building engineering services.
  • CAD only client services on client title blocks.
  • 3D (REVIT) Modelling.
  • CAD Detail Drawings.
  • Contractor as installed drawings.
  • Fully coordinated section, elevations and details.
  • Documentation Management and Tracking.
  • Life Cycle Analysis.
  • Soft landing services.
  • Integration and collaboration with the entire design team.
  • Compliance with good practice and standards.
  • Common data environment.
  • Document Management.
  • Operation and Maintenance manuals.
  • Building product literature collaboration.
  • Test/Witnessing and commissioning literature collaboration.
  • As Installed Drawings.
  • Ongoing O&M document hosting and management.
  • Document Production.