Day to Day

Energy Engineering was set up in 2008 to bring a service that meets the demands of modern building services designs required under Building Information Modelling or BIM. The BIM principles require a building services engineering input from the early stages of a project, to assist the entire design team (architects, structural engineers, etc.) to meet the client’s specification. Our design service can provide detailed evaluation that allows us to advise on many areas, such as building orientation, glazing selection, as well as the traditional thermal performance of a proposed structure. The application of our BIM process at an early stage will allow the client’s budgetary allocations to be controlled and the use of energy from the services, kept to a minimum through the entire lifecycle.

With this intent our company has developed a reputation for collaboration, through a friendly and approachable design and project management team, who will enhance the efficiency, coordination and aesthetics of the finished product.

Energy Engineering improve building services management, through the 3 clear product areas detailed below; which cover every stage of a properties life. Our competent staff will manage these 3 primary areas for the building services providing design support from concept, through construction; well into operation.

Through our in-house team we are able to provide competent support in the following services: -

  • A complete range of mechanical design services.
  • Electrical design support to a full range of service areas.
  • The design of all public health systems.
  • Accurate and detailed thermal modelling.
  • A range of construction services.
  • Management support for the operation and maintenance of buildings and portfolios.
  • Building conditions surveys and lifecycle assessments.
  • Support on contract and financial evaluations.
  • Plant performance evaluations and standardisation of plant and equipment.

The products and services that we can provide through our Energy & Sustainability initiatives include: -

  • CIBSE accredited building services energy and environmental audits.
  • Energy and thermal modelling.
  • Daylight calculations.
  • Natural ventilation assessments.
  • Low energy strategies.
  • DECs and EPCs.
  • Energy monitoring and reporting.
  • Selection of utility suppliers.

Our customer support teams provide a myriad of value added services our client’s changing needs. These include: -

  • BIM
  • A suite of CAD services, including 3D modelling.
  • Building records and O&M manuals.
  • Onsite daily support during construction.
  • Commissioning management and delivery.
  • Documentation management.